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I love the seasons. Through the colors of fall, the cool tones and starkness of winter, the newness of spring; and the activity of summer, there's always something to capture in the Driftless area of Southwest Wisconsin.

I've been making photos for around 35 years. From the instamatic in high school, to my first SLR camera (a Ricoh 35mm film camera I bought with my graduation money) and now Canon DSLRs, the technology has certainly changed, but I enjoy it as much as ever.

Working as a graphic designer, I was introduced to Photoshop in the early '90s and have used it since, both in my work, and as a photographer. I've sold photos for stock to national companies and magazines and continue to expand my opportunities. I also do photo editing, including adding and removing objects, color correcting, and scanning and retouching old images.

On this site, I offer both prints and digital files, which come in a variety of sizes and finishes from quality print labs. Canvases, mounted photos, cards and other products are also available. If you have any questions about ordering, E-mail me for help.

I hope you enjoy browsing and can find something you like. Links to other sites where my photos appear are listed at right.

Jan Day
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